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Federal and state laws require that employers pay their employees minimum wage and overtime. Employers are also not allowed to ask employees to work “off the clock” or “just for tips” so if you are one and they denied you the overtime pay, please contact The Law Office of David H. Rosenberg, P.C. of Mineola, NY today.


These are the types of violations that could lead to a claim:

  • Minimum Wage Violations (ex: paying less than the minimum wage, deducting too much from paychecks, failing to pay employees for all hours worked etc.)

  • Unpaid Overtime (ex: not paying employees' overtime, time clock rounding, classifying non-exempt employees as exempt etc.)

  • Failure to Pay Promised Wages (ex: failing to pay employees on their regularly scheduled paydays, failing to pay all wages workers have earned, failing to pay earned vacation pay etc.)


Don’t be scared that you might lose your job if you file a complaint against your employer. The law provides specific protection to employees who make legitimate claims. Employees who report regarding these violations can’t be discriminated or discharged because of their complaint. If an employer takes action against their employee because they made legitimate claims against them, the employee may be entitled to reinstatement to their job, payment of lost wages and additional monetary damages.

Wage and Overtime

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